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Photo credit –
(Tom’s portrait shown above) Dean Anshutz

It is our great pleasure to present the world premiere of
Just By Chance – by Tom Toomey
Inspired by the book – “By Chance Alone” by Max Eisen
(15 March 1929 – 7 July 2022)
Holocaust survivor and educator.

Guitar/Piano – Tom Toomey
Vocals – Melissa Kaplan
Violin – Jon Potts
Double Bass – Pete Maxfield
Piano/Synth – Malcolm Plumridge
Cello – Lester Monier Serrano

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As many of you know, Tom has been working on some great new music. We are now pleased to announce the world premiere of his latest track – COUNTDOWN TO CHILLTOWN ( C2C).

This beautiful music video was created to capture the vibe of Tom’s new song. Be sure to subscribe to Tom’s new YouTube channel where you’ll find it there…..with much more to come!

Here’s a bit from Tom about this new music –

‘ …………This song started out as the middle 8 of another tune I wrote years ago.
It’s turned into a great track and from just the seed of an idea came what you hear and see now. Thanks for watching’ Tom

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We present to you – COUNTDOWN TO CHILLTOWN (C2C)

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