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Why Music For Africa?

Our mission is to bring music into the everyday lives of young people in South Africa. We aim to provide young people with life enhancing access to music, particularly those in marginalized and subsistence level communities who otherwise would have no such opportunities, as a result of the apartheid era.

We inspire a love of music embracing classical, modern rock and traditional ethnic music. In so doing we raise skill levels, self-esteem, motivation, career and employment prospects. We empower and enable people across the community through music, ensuring skills are embedded to deliver long-term impact through sustainable provision.

We’re doing so much more than teaching kids to play guitar. We’re also developing their pride and self esteem; we’re nurturing their determination and ambition as well as giving them a possible means of earning a living. 75% of our students who enter for music examinations with Trinity College of Music have achieved merits or distinctions and this is reflected in their school work.

We encourage all our pupils to progress to Trinity College Music Exams and they achieve extraordinary results. Since 2004, 51 students have taken Grades 1-3. They’ve achieved one pass, 30 merits and an amazing 20 distinctions! In 2006 one pupil achieved a Trinity College ‘Highest Grade’ and Bronze Medal Award and in 2007 this was followed by two more pupils receiving the award. This is no mean feat as the Bronze Medal Award is one of the highest accolades achievable.

Three students are currently taking music degrees at Kwazulu Natal University in Durban with outstanding results. My vision was always if I could help change the life of ONE person my job was done. This has happened a hundred fold thankfully.

Music for Africa is a thriving but essentially very small charity that donates 100% of donations and all net profits direct to projects.

It has no paid staff and is entirely reliant on voluntary support. Any advertising costs incurred directly impact the amount we can spend on projects.

Help us spread the word about this wonderful charity which has touched so many lives. Please consider making a donation to help keep this cause alive.

All contributions are welcome regardless of their size. Scroll down to see the Music For Africa donation buttons below.

Thank you.

Tom Toomey
Founder and Chairperson, MFA


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Hello everyone,

Tom wanted to share a heart warming update. As many of you know, he recently auctioned off one of his guitars to raise funds for the Music For Africa charity.
The money raised was used to purchase guitars for the students at two different schools in South Africa.

There are approximately 14 children in each class that participate two hours after school on different days.
The schools are located in the Northern Province near Tafelkop where their amazing teacher Elsie lives
Elsie received a scholarship and studied drama and music at Yeovil college in the UK for a year.

Earlier on, she taught grades classical guitar in South Africa for many years and is now back teaching once again.
Here are a few words direct from Elsie about this exciting time –

“They are so happy 🤸‍♀️😍 speechless moments 🥲🥺👊🏽👊🏽 the children said thank you Tom 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 .
They wanted to celebrate so i took them out to our Tafelkop Mall bought sweets and popcorn 🥺🥲🙌🏽🙌🏽 thanks very much Tom”.

Watch The Videos:
Click Here

Click Here

A huge thank you also to GARDINER HOULGATE, auctioneers of Tom’s guitar. You may learn more about the guitar that Tom auctioned in the story. (shown below)


We are pleased to announce Tom’s guitar has now successfully found a new home. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and of course the winner of Tom’s guitar and their generous bid.

As many of you know, one of the things that is near and dear to my heart is our charity, MUSIC FOR AFRICA.
The Music For Africa mission Is to bring music in to the every day lives of young people in South Africa. We continue to aim to provide young people with life enhancing access to music, particularly those in marginalized and subsistence level communities, who otherwise would have no such opportunities as a result of the apartheid era.

A while back, various members of my ‘music family’ The Zombies, were kind enough to sign one of my guitars ( Yamaha Pacifica Electric) which I hoped one day could be offered at an auction for charity.

I’m happy to say that time has now come and we are ready to find a home for this special guitar.
I hope we can raise enough money to further the cause in South Africa and offer music tuition to a lot of kids.
All proceeds go directly to the MFA charity and will buy guitars and help the teachers.
The auction date is 14 June 2023. This link will provide all information regarding the guitar and how to place a bid.

Thanks in advance –
Tom and the Trustees of The Music For Africa Charity

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Some great news from the Music For Africa charity!

Solomon Riba  realises his dream and gets his Degree! 
Bachelor of Arts( Music) 2022
KwaZulu Natal University

A few words from Solomon –
“I really appreciate it, and I mean it from bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for believing in me, you played a big role”.

Mathew Matebane with his MFA students


Lucky Swele, one of the first MFA students now just finishing his music degree in Durban.


The Elsie Mahloko band performing at the
Music for Africa concert 2000 at The Haselbury Mill Somerset UK.
In Memory of Lisa Jane Wroe.