Giant Records

Tom created the recording label ‘Giant Records’ many years ago. Under this banner, he has produced quite a few albums for a variety of artists. Tom’s critically acclaimed cd TURQUOISE along with his MonfiCat, Iron on Stone and Gambia albums have all be a part of the Giant Records label.

Tom and Giant Records are pleased to present their latest production
COLD COFFEE MORNING by singer, songwriter guitarist LAZ CLEMENTS.

Cold Coffee Morning is a jaw dropping collection of original music written by Laz. The list of world class guest artists involved with this project is quite impressive, and includes Tom Toomey ( lead guitarist with legendary band The Zombies) who has produced, engineered and mixed the EP, as well as performing on it

For those not familiar with Laz Clements, he is a UK based artist playing, writing and singing wherever his music takes him. Over the years he has created a rich tapestry of original songs. His writing reflects many of his own personal experiences and life lessons. Laz frequently performs his music at venues throughout the area.

COLD COFFEE MORNING showcases some of his favorite original tracks. The EP is now available with a full album to follow.

Here are some of the musicians who have lent their energy and genius performing with Laz on this EP. They include:
Tom Toomey (guitar/vocals), Dave Wallace (Drums) Ryan Leese (Drums track two),
Laurence Cummins (Bass) Norda Mullen (Flute), Terry Quinney (Saxophone) Jon Archer (Harmonica), Bill Mudge (piano)
Milly Riquelme (Backing vocals) Viv Boucherat (Backing vocals)

Physical copies and downloads may be ordered exclusively here via
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DOWNLOADS (Full EP/ all four tracks) £5.00


Thank you to everyone for supporting the work of independent artists everywhere!