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Tom had a great time chatting recently with
Presenter Mike Bennett / 101FM Logan City / Australia . It was a fantastic show.
A big thank you once again to Mike and everyone involved in putting this together!
For those who missed the original broadcast, you can listen again by clicking the link below.

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This video!
We had a blast doing it!
Be sure to check out The Zombies
latest single #droppedreelingandstupid from the album
‘Different Game’!

Click here to order the album!

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Over the years, Tom has written ( both collaborative and solo projects ) quite a few music scores that have been accepted into a ‘Universal Music Library’.
As an example, a while ago, one of Tom’s original tunes was picked up by OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and used on her show.

Fast forward to 2022. This same library has just placed a variety of Tom’s collaborative songs on Amazon and Spotify. It’s really exciting to see this and quite an accomplishment for all involved.

Ask for ‘Tom Toomey music’ on Spotify and Alexa ( Amazon)

A huge thank you to Jon and Jenny, the fab proprietors of The Grange in Oborne UK.
We really enjoyed being a part of their
‘Play on Sherborne Garden concerts series’.

We also performed here at last year’s festival and had a blast. We are so honored to have been asked back again.

Here a little teaser from our gig. What a joy to perform LIVE!

Summer 2021

Here’s a quick interview from July 2021 with Tom and Radio Nine Springs. Tom discusses some of the exciting projects he’s been working on including his most recent music videos for ‘Just by Chance’. This haunting track written by Tom, was inspired by the book – “By Chance Alone” by Max Eisen. Both a instrumental version as well as one with vocals of this video can be found on the home page here on Tom’s website.

Spring 2021

Exciting session yesterday working with Rod Argent and Dale Hanson!

Recently Tom was asked to participate in
’TheBrieSearch’ Project Podcast which is an exciting new series from producer Brie Cubelic.

During their chat, Tom shared his insights on music, the global lockdown, what makes him happy in life and everything in between.

It was a lively and informative discussion with a bit of fun thrown in.

Here are some ways you can listen to the podcast –



Be sure to subscribe, rate and/or leave a short review on iTunes.

And follow and tag The BrieSearch Project
on Instagram and Facebook.



Just what we need during these challenging times.

Here’s a great dad (our lovely Tom) reading a wonderful story to his precious youngest daughter Savannah.

Thank you #PNCgreatReaders

Spring 2020

We’re extremely pleased to share a fantastic interview Tom recently had with Geoffrey Dorsett from The Soft Rock Show

They chat about The Zombies’ induction into the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his album #TURQUOISE, the future ahead for LIVE music and everything in between.

Winter 2020

Sharing some fun ‘behind the scene’ snaps and teaser video that were taken during the filming of Laz Clements’ upcoming music video.

It will feature one of the great tracks from Laz’s recently released album ‘THE WORLD KEEPS TURNING’, which I had the great pleasure of producing, engineering and playing on.

All we can say for now is that this video is FABULOUS……..!

Winter 2020

Having a great day with Rod and Dale working some guitar parts for new track on forthcoming album.

Tom has been doing some exciting studio work with these fine musicians (The Zombies).
What a great pleasure and honour for him.

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📷 Credit: Tom Toomey

Another word from Tom – Recently I mentioned that Mathew our guitar teacher in South Africa has been struggling for quite some time now with his eyesight due to advanced cataracts. His vision has been deteriorating at a rapid rate. The Music For Africa charity stepped in several weeks ago to provide the funding for Mathew to have one of his eyes operated on. The procedure was done the last week in August. A huge thank you again to everyone who has contributed to this cause and to help Mathew carry on teaching!

I wanted to share this heartwarming message I have just received from Mathew and his lovely daughter Ephenia.

#feedingthespirit #musicconnectsusall #MusicForAfrica #charities #openyourheart #teachers #giftofsight
Tom Toomey

Hi everyone,

This is great news.

Mathew our guitar teacher for over 20 years in South Africa was basically going blind. Teaching guitar to his students had become very difficult for him. The local hospital wouldn’t operate UNTIL he was blind and had a very long waiting list. So our charity MUSIC FOR AFRICA has stepped in and have paid for one eye at £1400. His first op is ‪on the 30th August‬.
We now need to raise some more funds for the left eye. If anyone can send a donation, it would be really appreciated . Click the Music For Africa button shown here on my website for more information. All contributions are welcome regardless of their size.

Once you’re on the MFA site, donations may be made via PayPal and are secure and easy to do:
or directly via PayPal:

Tom Toomey Founder/Chairperson

#openyourheart #feedingthespirit #charities #africa #musicheals

Here’s a little snip from our soundcheck at The Wyldes ( Budes UK) where we performed on Saturday 15th June.

So great to be here playing with The Zombies ! It was a beautiful day and we all had a blast! #liveMusic #Wyldes #PaulWeller #RockHall 2019 Inductees #classicRock

Tom and his special guests performed a great acoustic gig last evening at Odcombe Church in Yeovil. All proceeds from ticket sales are going to the Music For Africa Charity.
Over £310.00 was raised in addition to a very generous contribution from the @lovehalliefoundation, bringing the total to £1000.

For more information on this worthwhile charity, please visit The Music For Africa button here on Tom’s website.


The 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, The Barclays Center Brooklyn NY March 29, 2019

Tom wanted to share how proud he was to be with everyone on this special night.

Tom with Colin Blunstone

The Rocks Management team

Tom with Chris Tuthill

With Rod Argent

Tom and Hugh Grundy

Tom with Helen Atkinson (Wife Of Paul Atkinson)

With Cindy Da Silva

On stage at The Barclays Center

With Chris White

Tom and Steve Rodford


Tune in tonight MARCH 27, 2019 at 9 pm (EST) for the celebration of the launch of Love & Music with performances by Grammy Winner Steve Addabbo, Tom Toomey (2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees The Zombies guitarist) & Surprise guests jamming, plus special karaoke sing-along tribute to The Zombies.

For more information about our fundraiser campaign click on the link below:

What a great event this was!

March 27th, 2019

Music for Africa, LOVE, HALLIE, The Rocks Management, Shelter Island Sound, and The Zombies


Featuring performances by
Steve Addabbo
Tom Toomey
And Surprise Guests

Plus jamming and special karaoke sing-along tribute to The Zombies.
Details on tuning in to follow!

The Launch Party will kickoff a fundraising campaign for Love & Music, a joint initiative combining the missions and programs of Music for Africa and LOVE, HALLIE Foundation, two volunteer-based nonprofit organizations, created with the support of the members and fans of the band The Zombies, The Rocks Management, and Shelter Island Sound.
Through music education and youth action activities, the initiative will increase the skill levels, self-esteem, determination, ambition, motivation, and career and employment prospects of young people, primarily in marginalized and subsistence-level communities. By increasing cultural understanding, and forging permanent connections with peers in other countries, Love & Music will help them build a better world through music and civic engagement.
In 2019, the initiative aims to serve fifty children from low-income communities in South Africa, providing them music education and forming a Hallie’s Angels (LOVE, HALLIE’s youth action arm) chapter to connect with Hallie’s Angels chapters in the US and the UK.The youth groups will interact through regular teleconferences and collaborate on musical projects.

About The Participating Organizations

• Music for Africa Created and operated on a volunteer basis by musician, songwriter, and producer Tom Toomey, guitarist of The Zombies, Music for Africa is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019 of providing musical education enhanced with academic and personal development support and community service opportunities to young people in marginalized and subsistence-level communities of South Africa by inspiring a love of music, including traditional music, classical, and rock and providing music education to increase their skill levels, self-esteem, determination, ambition, motivation, and career and employment prospects.
• LOVE, HALLIE Foundation LOVE, HALLIE has worked with Oprah Winfrey, the Mandela Foundation, the White House, and many others to advance many causes, including eradicating Malaria and AIDS, fighting poverty, supporting immigrants, animal rights, peace, and protecting the environment. Like Music For Africa, has worked extensively with young people in South Africa through music. Since its founding after the death in 2004 of 11 ¾ year-old activist, writer, and artist Hallie Geier, LOVE, HALLIE has used the life and words of Hallie Geier to increase empathy in young people and provide them inspiration and tools for making a positive difference in the world through three programs: Hallie’s Angels: Youth-led direct-action groups; and Carpe Diem: Books, music, and performances; and A Better World: A planned physical and online space for engaging young people in the causes they care about, strengthening nonprofits, and amplifying the stories of both..
• The Rocks Management Led by Cindy DaSilva and Chris Tuthill, The Rocks Management represents a variety of highly-regarded creative artists in addition to The Zombies, notably the band Hollis Brown, singer-songwriters Bruce Sudano and Don DiLego, and artists Vivienne Boucherat and Terry Quirk.
• Shelter Island Sound The iconic New York studio founded by musician, producer, and engineer Steve Addabbo, who received a Grammy Award in 2018 for the 10-CD Bob Dylan boxed set The Cutting Edge, and received a Grammy nomination for Suzanne Vega’s Solitude Standing. Shelter Island has produced or engineered albums by Eric Andersen, Richard Barone, Tim Hardin, The Staples Singers, and thousands of others.
• The Zombies In their sixth decade of performing and recording and still led by original members Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent, with Tom Toomey on guitar, iconic British rock band The Zombies are building on a legacy that began with their break-out singles Tell Her No and She’s Not There, followed by the Rolling Stone Top 100 Album list Odessey & Oracle which included Time of the Season and Care of Cell 44. The Zombies most recent album, Still Got That Hunger, was released to critical and fan acclaim in 2016. The Zombies will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame March 29, 2019, the 50th Anniversary of Time of the Season reaching #1 on Cashbox.
Watch this space for updates along the way!

A big thank you again to everyone who was at my solo show on board The Mariner Of The Seas cruise ship .

Really enjoyed having Parthenon Huxley as my special guest.

It was an honour playing for you all!

Such an honour meeting so many legends on our recent music fest at sea! Here I am with one of the founding members of the band Chicago, Danny Seraphine

AND…… what a pleasure to chat with Geoff Whitehorn from #ProcolHarum .Their show was incredible! #floatingconcerts #Legends #whitershadeofpale

Thought we ‘d share this great video of The Zombies performing ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’ at the very special memorial gig held over the weekend to celebrate Jim Rodford.

Russ Ballard and Bob Henrit, both former members of the band Argent joined the band on stage during this song which of course made it even more of an incredible evening.
Jim’s friends, wife and family, along with other fellow musicians (shown to the right) also helped to make this a night to always remember.

Thought we ‘d share this great video of The Zombies performing ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’ at the very special memorial gig held over the weekend to celebrate Jim Rodford. Russ Ballard and Bob Henrit, both former members of the band Argent joined the band on stage during this show which of course made it even more of an incredible evening.Jim's friends, wife and family, along with other fellow musicians (shown to the right) also helped to make this a night to always remember.

Posted by Tom Toomey on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fantastic night at The Gallery Bar in Castle Cary. BIG thank you to everyone who was there! Photo credit: Maria Clements #livemusic #acousticguitar #acousticguitarsofinstagram #electricguitar #indyartists #turquoise

November 2018

Just taking a moment to appreciate some of the incredible views in Alesund Norway.

November 2018

More of the beautiful views in Norway

November 2018

Sharing a few photos from a special tour that Tom and The Zombies were given today.

They were fortunate to be able to visit St Thomas Church and the Bach museum, both located in Leipzig. What stunning places… rich in history.

November 2018

Had to share this v cool photo snapped by Chris Tuthill at The Zombies
gig tonight at @hausauensee in Germany.

This shot was from when the band was performing ‘Old and Wise’, which is such an amazing song written by @alanparsonsmusic and performed by Colin Blunstone on #thealanparsonsproject #eyeinthesky .

#oldandwise #iconicsongs #ontour #leipzig #germany #musicfamily

November 2018

Celebrating The Zombies’ Bass extraordinaire Sören Koch’s birthday!

And more cake and celebration for the Birthday boy Soren!

And more cake and celebration for the Birthday boy Søren! Tom Toomey Rod Argent Søren Michael Koch Colin Blunstone #SteveRodford The Zombies

Posted by Tom Toomey on Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 2018

Great gig tonight playing with The Zombies at Audimax Universität in #regensburg #germany .
Just enough time to get in a quick snap of me and my pals @sorenkoch1 and @steverodford #ontour #roadwarriers #bandmates

November 2018

Sharing a few snaps of everyone getting in a bit of practising before tonight’s gig at #capitaltheatreoffenbach . #offenbachgermany #practisemakesperfect #ontour

November 2018

Really having a blast out on the road again with The Zombies. Check my gig listings here on my website for all dates. So many incredible venues on this tour through Europe. Very exciting being the special guests of Uriah Heep!

Here’s a snap of the incredible @circuskrone in #munichgermany where we just played. This is a V cool venue where the @thebeatles performed in Spring of 1966! Thank you to @christuthillrocks for the great snap! .

October 2018

Thought we’d share a photo from last night’s gig (5 October 2018). It was such a joy guesting at the #CharltonsCommunityCentre with the fantastic @castlecarychoir and Martin Emslie .
It was a true honour being a part of this special evening. #Sanctus #LIVEmusic #castlecary #electricguitar #guitarSolo #communityspirit

As promised, I’m sharing a photo from last night’s gig. It was such a joy guesting at the #CharltonsCommunityCentre…

Posted by Tom Toomey on Saturday, October 6, 2018


Tom wanted to share a quick update about the new EP that he has recently produced, engineered, mixed and played on for his dear mate Laz Clements. Please check out (and ‘like’) the new Official site on Facebook for Laz Clements. Be sure to listen to a little teaser video for the EP that we’ve added here below.

Laz’s EP will be released very soon. What a great honour for Tom to have been a part of this project.

We’ll keep everyone updated along the way!


Details coming soon for the release of the new EP from Laz Clements.WATCH….THIS….SPACE!Video credit: Shelley Rodner

Posted by Laz Clements on Saturday, September 1, 2018


Tom wanted to share a bit about one of the projects that he’s currently working on. He’s been burning the midnight oil producing and playing on an exciting first EP (with album to follow) for his good friend Laz Clements. Laz has had quite a few original songs that he’s written over the years tucked away in his back pocket. What an honour for Tom to be a part of things.

Laz’s original tracks are coming together beautifully in Tom’s studio and things are sounding amazing.

Tom wanted to also share that Laz is currently battling Parkinson’s disease.
He is a truly inspirational person. Laz’s disease definitely does not define him. His joy and carpe diem philosophy shine through each and every note.

We’ll keep everyone updated on dates for the launch of this magical EP. There’s even a possible tour in the works. #acousticguitar #original #indyartist #electricguitar #newalbum #carpediem

JULY 28, 2018

AND the birthday celebration continues……Tom just had the great honour of having his band mates and friends from The Zombies sing him the ‘Danish Happy Birthday’ song.

Video cred: Darian Sahanaja #SorenmichaelKoch Marya Glur Steve Rodford Hugh Grundy Chris White Rod Argentent #VivianBoucher
#TheZombiesFamily #HappyBirthday #LostInTranslation

JULY 28, 2018

Please join us today as we wish Tom a very Happy Birthday!

JULY 2018

Tom had a great night playing on Saturday July 14th at The Gallery Bar, Castle Cary. Here he is with one of the fab owners. Very intimate gig. Even had a few people turn up that Tom hadn’t seen in years! #turquoise #acousticguitar #indyartist #castlecary #CastleCary

JUNE 2018

Please join us in wishing Tom a very Happy Father’s Day!!

MAY 2018

Tom is currently working on some exciting new projects in his Blue Door Studio. Be sure to check back here, his Official pages on both Twitter (@tomtoomeymusic) and Facebook @tomtoomeyofficialsite and Instagram (@Tomtoomeymusic ).

MARCH 2018

Thought we’d share this very fun video of Tom performing at his solo show in January on board the last Moody Blues’ Cruise.

This tune is titled ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and is found on Tom’s critically acclaimed album ‘MONFICAT’.

MONFICAT and all of Tom’s other albums including his latest cd TURQUOISE are all available here via his website

MARCH 2018

Hello all the way from Niagara Falls Ontario! On this beautiful afternoon, Tom wanted to share a bit of #TURQUOISE from his new album.

Order a copy and/or download exclusively via here on his website.
Thanks for listening!

MARCH 2018

Such a great honor for Tom to tour with legendary band The Zombies !

Recently Tom was interviewed by reporter Kelly Maile from Record-Courier newspaper in Ohio. They chatted a bit about what it’s like to work with this iconic band as well as some of the other exciting solo projects (especially his new solo album TURQUOISE!) that Tom’s currently involved in .

Here’s the link to the article:

MARCH 2018

Sharing a few fab photos from legendary band The Zombies’ gig at Greenwich Odeum Thursday evening


an extra special capture of these world class musicians when they performed at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock NY.

Photos from Greenwich Odeum gig courtesy of Rick Farrell, Mojo Photography

MARCH 2018
Sharing a fun little snip from ‘behind the scenes’ yesterday when Tom and The Zombies played a fab set at CBS This Morning .
We’ll post the date and time the show will air so please watch this space!

MARCH 2018
Sharing a few fun snaps from The Zombies session today at the ‘CBS This Morning ‘ taping. We’ll be posting the time and date for this show’s broadcast so stay tuned.

Here’s Tom and Dean Anshutz (merch guy and driver extraordinaire) sharing a few grins.
More pics to follow so check back here and Tom’s Official site on Facebook and Twitter !


As many of you know, Presenter Pete Feenstra recently reviewed Tom’s new album #TURQUOISE. It was an outstanding article from one of the best in the industry. Pete has also featured TURQUOISE as the ‘Album of the Week’ on his Get Ready to Rock! Radio show. Here’s the link again to Pete’s review:


Hello again to everyone-

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the fab presenter Terry Sullivan will have Tom as a guest on his program Monday February 19, 2018 from 8 PM -10 PM UK ( 3 PM – 5 PM East Coast USA ) on Sg1 Radio
Terry Sullivan does his homework and his interviews are always informative and quite fun. His past guests have included: Gordy Marshall ( GO NOW! – Legend Of A Band Productions) Norda Mullen ( touring artist with The Moody Blues) John Lodge ( The Moody Blues) Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues) Alan Hewitt (touring artist with The Moody Blues) and many many more.

Tom’s chat begins in the first hour. During the show Terry will be playing a variety of tracks from Tom’s new album #TURQUOISE in addition to discussing quite a few other interesting (and amusing) topics.

If you miss the original airing on February 19th we’ll be posting a ‘play it again’ link as soon as it becomes available.
Updates to follow so be sure to check back here and Tom’s website #IndyArtist The Zombies #WorldClassMusician #LIVEmusic


We’re extremely pleased to announce that Tom’s critically acclaimed new album Turquoise is now available in entirety (entire CD) for download.

Downloads are available under the ‘Order Tom’s Cds’ here on Tom’s website. You will see this option listed there along side the same area as his physical CDs.

You may purchase your download using PayPal. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with a custom download link created just for you. It’s just that easy! Your link will be good for one week from the date it was sent.

A huge thank you again to everyone for all of the incredible support for Tom’s music. We’re loving the feedback and reviews so please keep them coming.

Order your copy OR a download of TURQUOISE today to fully appreciate what all of the buzz is about.


Check out the tracks Tom has just added to his artist page on SoundCloud. He has cherry picked some of his faves from MonfiCat, Iron On Stone and Gambia.
Stop by there for a visit. We’ll be adding more great tunes there…… coming soon!


A huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by Tom’s artist page on #SoundCloud. It’s exciting to see how many times his track #WORLDTOLIFE from his new album #TURQUOISE has been played!

We look forward to your visit there!

JANUARY 20, 2018

What do you say about losing a mentor, band mate and dear friend…..someone who made you feel like you were part of their family?

Sharing a few thoughts from Tom. Directly from the heart.

‘Jim Rodford.
Solid as a rock on and off stage. So many happy memories and very funny ones at that. Jim encouraged me right up to his passing, like an older brother always with a kind word. I shall miss him so much, it’s been an honour to grace the stage with his fantastic playing for the last eight years on our amazing Zombies’ journey. My life and the music world is a better one for knowing Jim. That Bass sound, wow!

My heart goes out to all his family especially Jean, his dear wife.
His spirit shall live on in all our hearts forever. God Bless you Jim, may your light shine eternal dear friend and bandmate’. – Tom Toomey


Tom really enjoyed chatting to Richard Oliff on his radio show yesterday (January 11th). It was a total blast! Massive thanks again to Richard and all of his fab listeners for all of the support of Tom’s new album #TURQUOISE. Everyone should check it out! #TURQUOISE is available here via Tom’s website. Click on the ‘Order Tom’s CD’ button to purchase your copy today.

Here’s the link to the show:


Sharing this amazing photo taken of Tom and his special guest Norda Mullen (touring artist for the Moody Blues) taken by the professional photographers on board the Moody Blues Cruise . What a great night!

It is with our very GREAT pleasure to announce the release of Tom’s new CD TURQUOISE! Everything about this album, from concept to completion is from Tom’s heart and soul. These original new songs, many of which were also penned by him, are some of Tom’s finest work.

The guest artist list joining Tom on the CD is quite impressive and includes Melissa Kaplan, Norda Mullen, William Purefoy, Martin Emslie , Susan Aqulia and many more incredibly talented musicians.

To order your CD(s) please visit the ‘Order Tom’s CD’ section here on Tom’s website. Once you’re there, simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to make your purchase via PayPal. Buying is safe and secure and you may use your PayPal account or any other major credit card. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after placing your order.

Be sure to also visit Tom’s Official page on FB to hear a little sound bite from the CD.

Please help support the work of Tom and other independent artists everywhere by ordering their music directly through them.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your incredible support and music love this past year.


Hello again to everyone –

Be sure to catch Tom this Sunday September 24th, LIVE on radio Abbey 104. It’s going to be a fab show!

The program will go out live between 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM UK (6:00 -7:00 AM East Coast USA) tomorrow.

No worries if you miss it when it initially airs….. it will be
recorded and we’ll be sure to share the link here once the rebroadcast is available.

People may listen on radio 104.7 FM in the
Sherborne and Yeovil areas, or live on line from the station’s website:

We hope everyone tunes in then!


25th November 2017 9:00 PM

at the fabulous THE GALLERY BAR
Old bank
The High Street
Castle Cary
Somerset BA7 7AW (UK)

+44 (0)7901 671 495

Who’s going?

Another fantastic night of LIVE music with Tom!


Q: What do Melissa Etheridge, Daryl Hall, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai and Tom Toomey all have in common? (besides being ridiculously talented musicians)

A: They’ve all been endorsed by the legendary PRS guitars (Paul Reed Smith). BOOM!

In August 2014, PRS proudly added Tom’s name to the incredible list of artists that they have endorsed over the years.

Happy 3rd year Anniversary to Tom for receiving this prestigious honour!

Thought we’d share this fun photo of Tom when he was visiting with some friends in the US in early March this year and stopped by the PRS factory to say hello.

JULY 2017

What an exciting time for Tom .

He had the great honour of performing with legendary band The Zombies , Colin Blunstone , Hugh Grundy and Chris White today in a fabulous LIVE stream at The Summit in Ohio.

Tune in again tomorrow 7/14 at 6:00 PM for a replay airing of the show.

JULY 2017

What an incredible celebration! Today, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio USA, paid a great honour to the original band members by highlighting their influential career and music in a very special exhibit. Nothing like being surrounded by rock legends!

JULY 2017

Tonight, Tom will be playing with The Zombies at the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest in Ottawa ON. Canada.

Major kudos to this incredible event and all of the people involved.
Check out their ‘WE DO GOOD THINGS’ philosophy.

Music is a beautiful thing.

JULY 2017

What incredible serendipity for Tom. He just had the amazing luck/timing to be playing the same blues festival in Ottawa ( Ottawa BluesFest) to see JOHNNYSWIM this evening.

JOHNNY SWIM is a fabulous duo consisting of the super talented team of Amanda and Abner. Amanda just happens to be the daughter of Bruce Sudano and Donna Summer.

Bruce has opened the show a few times for The Zombies and is a killer musician in his own right.

It’s a beautiful thing when fellow musos get to enjoy each other’s work.

To quote Tom after seeing their show: ‘Rock on guys’!

Check out these clips that Tom wanted to share with everyone:

Donna Summer

Johnny Swim

Bruce Sudano

JULY 2017

Rocking the house in Quebec City at the Festival D’ete with legendary band The Zombies! Here are some AMAZING photos from one of The Zombies team members- Dean Anshutz

JULY 2017

Tom is heading out very soon to once again hit the road on tour in North America with legendary band The Zombies​ .

He has kindly carved a moment to send along this lovely message on this very special day for so many people- The Fourth of July

‘Hello to all of my followers on my Official Site on Facebook as well as my website:

July the 4th was a turning point in the history of America. A courageous act instigated by common folk in search of freedom and liberty from Great Britain. The birth was a difficult one to say the least from what I have read, with many people suffering dreadfully. But independence was achieved. Also the Indian nations would be in exactly the same position as these trailblazers and history repeated itself but not in the same way for the American Indians.

Their quest for freedom and keeping their land and territory was an insult to the people who had been living on the land for 100s of years even before the forefathers of the USA set foot. The US government apologising years later for the acts that were perpetrated by the government at the time. Many years later civil war broke out between the south and the north for civil rights of the American negro. All in the name of freedom.

So today let’s celebrate our FREEDOM, wherever you may be lucky enough to have it, as there are millions of people today without it.

Love and peace

JULY 2017

It’s so very exciting to see all of the nations represented here that have stopped by Tom’s website for a visit.

Feeling the global love today….!

We thank you all!

JUNE 2017

Tom is working away in his BLUE DOOR STUDIO on some incredibly exciting tracks planned for his new CD.

Click the ‘BLUE DOOR STUDIO’ tab here on Tom’s website to stay up to date

MAY 2017

Sharing a very interesting and artful photo just snapped by Tom.
Can you see the image that he saw?

Look closely and you’ll notice a shadow on the wall of Darian Sahanaja created while he was sitting across the room from Tom.

Moments later the sun shifted and this impression was gone. We’re glad that Tom could capture it.

MAY 2017

More Postcards From The Road… olé !
Pamplona, San Sebastián and Barcelona

Sound Checking at the Primavera Sound Festival

MAY 2017

Oh my. We officially have an answer now to the question ‘what will these two get up to this time they’re on tour in Barcelona Spain……?’

MAY 2017

Tom is having a blast on tour this week in Spain with legendary band The Zombies. The last time he was there he hammed it up just a bit with his good pal Dale Hanson. No telling what they’ll get up to this time!

MAY 12, 2017

Sharing a very lovely moment in time : ‘Past and Present ‘.

Here are two wonderful photos of Tom with the legendary Hilton Valentine. Hilton is the artist who wrote the iconic guitar part in ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by the Animals.

He recently came to see The Zombies and Tom play at the Calvin Theatre Northampton MA.

‘House of the Rising Sun’ was the very first song Tom ever played on stage. It’s always lovely when these two mates get together!

Hilton continues to tour to this day and has an exciting gig soon on 17th June at Stockton-on-Tees / The Georgian Theatre. Grab your tix now!

MAY 8, 2017

Tom had a blast last evening performing at The Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut with The Zombies. He also greatly enjoyed meeting Andy Powell who was there at the show. Andy is a British guitarist and songwriter, and a founding member of the British band Wishbone Ash.
Also shown in this pic (performing an outstanding photobomb) is Vivienne Boucherat . Goooo Viv !

May 1, 2017

Here’s Tom gearing up to shake Conan O’Brien’s hand after performing tonight with The Zombies on the show. It was one fantastic day !

AND then this…..

May 1, 2017

Tom is having a blast today with The Zombies as they prepare for their appearance tonight May 1, 2017 on the hugely popular Conan O’Brien television show (Burbank California USA). Here they are taking over the Conan set as the band prepares for their sound check. This will be the FIRST television appearance of both the original AND current band members of The Zombies performing together!! We hope everyone will tune in. And yes……. Tom’s daughter’s sweet little plush bear will be there too sharing in the celebration!

#OdesseyAndOracleTour #RockHistoryInTheMaking

May 1, 2017

APRIL 29, 2017

Sharing a few photos of tonight’s amazing Zombies venue- The Theatre Ace in downtown Los Angeles California. It is simply spectacular and very rich in history. One of the ‘Grande Dames’ of srchitecture.

APRIL 22, 2017

Making new friends wherever they go….. Tom , Darian Sahanaja , Dale Hanson and…….. #Bigfoot (AKA Sasquatch) !

APRIL 20, 2017

More adventures from the road while on tour with iconic band The Zombies….

Sharing some fun photos of Tom, Michael Pierce (Monitor Engineer) AND an extremely mellow lion from last evening….. when they all (except for the lion) enjoyed a fantastic curry dinner in beautiful #Winnipeg #BC.

APRIL 17, 2017

Sharing some fun photos from tonight’s office.
Legendary band The Zombies and Tom are playing at a very cool venue this evening in #Minneapolis #Minnesota called First Avenue & 7th St Entry .

Their tag line is- ‘ Your Downtown Danceteria Since 1970’.
If those walls could talk….!!

It’s a lovely evening in #Madison #Wisconsin where Tom’s sweet daughter’s little plush bear is tonight.

This wonderful venue, The Barrymore Theatre , has a rich history being 97 years old.

Here’s wishing legendary band The Zombies and Tom a fab gig tonight!

APRIL 2017

Thought we’d share this fun photo of Tom that was snapped after Sunday night’s show in Nashville where he played with iconic band The Zombies.
Here’s Tom having a great visit (even if it was just in spirit…!) with one of music’s greatest guitar legends, Chet Atkins.

APRIL 2017

Even while he’s out on tour with iconic band The Zombies , Tom continues to work on many of the tracks that will be featured on his upcoming new CD.

The launch for Tom’s album is targeted for the end of this year. Please watch this space, Tom’s Official page on Facebook and @TomtoomeyMusic on Twitter for updates!

You will definitely want to add this amazing CD to your music collection!

APRIL 2017

To quote Sally Field (said in the most humble of ways)-
‘ You like me… really like me’……..!

Tom’s CDs continue to fly out the door! A MASSIVE thank you again to everyone who has ordered copies of Monficat, Iron On Stone and Gambia!

It’s so rewarding to see the response to Tom’s music.

To add these great CDs to your music collection, or give as a wonderful gift to someone, go to the ‘Order Tom’s CD’ button here on Tom’s website. Tom will personally sign every CD that has been ordered.

Thanks again for all of your support !

MARCH 2017

And of course a little jam before the show is always fun! Here are a couple of great photos of Tom with the legendary Chris White.

MARCH 2017

Mr. America (Tom’s lovely daughter’s little plush bear) continues to have a blast seeing the sights and sounds while out on tour with Tom and legendary band The Zombies.

And….. any time that cake is involved you just know it’s going to be a fab day. What a warm welcome from tonight’s gig- The 9:30 Club located in the Nation’s Capital, beautiful Washington D.C.

MARCH 2017

The busy life of a traveling bear…..

Here are a few ‘behind the scene’ photos from today’s office for Mr. America ( AKA- Tom’s darling daughter’s plush little bear).

More pics to follow so watch this space and Tom’s Official page on Facebook for more updates from the road!

MARCH 2017

Another magical night playing with legendary band The Zombies ! What a great honor being a part of this iconic band….. These photos are from the band’s USA kick off show at the beautiful Keswick Theatre located in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area.

MARCH 2017
What an amazing kick off show last evening for legendary band The Zombies at The Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia PA (USA) !

AND did we mention Tom’s guitar playing?????
More photos to follow…… so watch this space and Tom’s Official page on Facebook,

A totally fab day of rehearsal with iconic band The Zombies in preparation for their US tour kicking off this Friday.

Tom had quite a blast introducing his darling daughter’s plush bear ‘Mr. America’ to the super talented Darian Sahanaja today.

And we definitely think Tom’s ‘copycat’ glasses are trés chic!

March 2017

Tom had a chance to visit the amazing shop ‘Gidget’s Gadgets Retro Emporium’ in downtown Rehoboth Beach Delaware (USA) yesterday. What a blast!

Steve the owner, has one of THE finest vinyl collections around and it was a real treat perusing this AMAZING store. His music background/history is quite impressive.

A huge thank you to Steve for the warm welcome!

MARCH 2017
On Rehoboth Beach enjoying the crisp Spring salt air.

MARCH 2017

Tom and legendary band The Zombies have now wrapped up their wonderful gig onboard the ‘Flower Power Cruise’. What a incredible visit to beautiful Jamaica (AKA Paradise).

Tom is greatly looking forward to kicking off The Zombies’ Stateside tour very soon.

Until then, we thought we’d share a couple more postcards from Paradise.

The first photo is the band visiting with the fabulous Mickey Dolenz before The Zombies gig.

And pic #2 is the entire amazing Jamaica team !

MARCH 2017

Postcards from Tom and ‘Mr. America’ the plush bear…..Day 4 in Paradise.

Lovely breakfast to begin a busy day ahead.
Turns out that this little bear is a huge fan of fresh fruit and beautiful statuary. Who knew?


Another postcard from Tom while he’s out on tour with iconic band The Zombies.

Here he is again with ‘Mr. America’ (his darling daughter’s plush bear), in beautiful Jamaica enjoying that world famous ‘Blue Mountain’ coffee which is grown and produced there.

Both Tom and the bear are on their third cup. Uh oh.

Stay tuned for more postcards from these two world travelers!!

As Tom begins an exciting tour with legendary band The Zombies, we thought we share some fun photos of a very special companion who will be traveling with Tom.

The little plush bear was sent along by his darling daughter Alicia. ‘America’ (as named by Alicia) will be with Tom each day to see all of the wonderful places the band will visit during this tour.

The first pic is just before leaving London to fly to Jamaica where the band will be performing on board the Celebrity/Summit ship’s ‘Flower Power Cruise’.

Photo number two is from today showing ‘America the Bear’ waiting patiently for a delicious lunch that was being prepared for everyone to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road !

March 2017

Tom heads out very soon to meet up with iconic band The Zombies to perform on board the upcoming ‘Flower Power Cruise’.

And of course, Tom’s also greatly looking forward to joining forces once again with the band as they kick off their VERY special Odessey and Oracle tour Stateside in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area on March 17.
What a huge honour for Tom to work with these legendary musicians!

February 2017

A massive thank you again to everyone who came out to hear Tom and The MonfiCats last evening at The David Hall, South Petherton.

It was a truly amazing show with those incredibly talented ‘Monfis’ – Tom Toomey, Milly Riquelme , Terry Quinney, Ian Evans and Peter Maxfield.

January 2017

A BIG thank you to The David Hall, South Petherton for featuring Tom ‘s upcoming gig and workshop ( Saturday 11 February 8pm ) in their current ‘Events Newsletter’.
You may purchase tickets through The David Hall by clicking this link:

This is going to be an AMAZING event. Tom and the MonfiCats are one killer band. LIVE music…….it truly is the universal language.
We hope to see you there!

January 2017

Playing a gig at The David Hall in South Petherton UK. This is something that is definitely on many people’s bucket list. What a great honour for Tom to perform LIVE in concert there! He will also be joined by his amazing MonfiCat band.

In addition, Tom has carved some time before the show for a fantastic workshop.

The date for both events is February 11, 2017.

Contact The David Hall at 01460240340 for further information.

Do not miss this very special evening. We hope to see you there!

January 2017

So many amazing things ahead in 2017. Here’s a great way to kick off the new year:

The incredibly talented English counter- tenor William Purefoy is stopping by Tom’s Blue Door Studio today.

William is currently working on one of Tom’s exciting new projects with him.

That’s all we’re saying for now…..!

Please check back here and Tom’s Official page on Facebook for updates.

December 2016

Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy and peaceful new year.

We’d like to also send out a massive thank you again to those stopping by here to Tom’s website as well as his Official page on Facebook

Your support is greatly appreciated.

We hope to see you again in 2017 !

Sending along holiday greetings and lots of good wishes to everyone from Tom. Cheers to a fabulous 2017!

December 2016

As promised- Here are some of those rather fabulous pics from Tom’s archive files. He has been kind enough to share them with everyone.

Tom’s first studio…… complete with Revox A77 and Fostex A8. This also shows the guitar ( YAMAHA SG 2000) Tom used used on the fun video recording of ‘Invisible Sex ‘ at ICA in the Mall London. ( 1980)


Tom playing in the ‘Friends of Jack’ band. Bit of trivia: Chris Potter the Producer on The Zombies ‘Still Got That Hunger’ engineered some tracks for this band (‘Friends of Jack’)


Speaking of the ‘Invisible Sex’ band….. Here’s Tom in game mode!


Great poster for ‘Invisible Sex’ gig.


Another great poster for ‘Invisible Sex’ gig

December 2016

Tom has recently discovered quite a few fun and rather amazing pics from his archive files. He has been kind enough to share them with everyone.

We’ll be featuring some of these lovely memories here in the ‘Gallery’ section and on Tom’s Official page on Facebook very soon so please keep checking back!

Here’s one we think is outstanding: Sir Cliff Richard, Tom, Colin Blunstone (The Zombies) and Tony Hadley ( Spandau Ballet) from June 8,1998 at The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, London UK
Not too shabby a line-up!


November 2016

The super talented Geoff Dorsett, Co-Presenter of ‘The Soft Rock Radio Show’ had a blast tonight as a special guest at The Zombies’ gig tonight (Thornden Hall Eastleigh UK). Geoff also had a fun visit afterwards with Tom and some of the band. Be sure to check out the Soft Rock Radio Show!




November 2016

Ahhhh yes. The life of a busy musician…….!

Tom hits the road today to meet up once again on tour (UK) with iconic band The Zombies.

In between November gigs with The Zombies, Tom has kindly agreed to be a part of a wonderful charity event in his hometown.

If you’ll be in or around the Yeovil area on November 12, 2016, please come along for a fantastic day of fun from 12:00 to 4:00 PM at the YESS Club.

Tom will be doing a 30 minute set there beginning at 2:00 PM that day.

All proceeds from this great event will be donated to THE POPPY APPEAL.
We hope to see you there!



October 2016

Tom hits the road again very soon with legendary band The Zombies.
Thought we’d share this fun photo when Tom was hamming things up with Dale Hanson on another recent tour while the band was in beautiful Barcelona Spain!


October 2016

It’s always great fun when fellow artists get together to enjoy each other’s music and company. Recently Tom was Gordy Marshall’s special guest for a fabulous performance from the super group ‘GO NOW! The Music of The Moody Blues – The Tribute’ at their Octagon Theatre gig in Yeovil.

Gordy Marshall is the founder and creative force behind this incredible band. Be sure to check them out:

Here’s a wonderful photo taken of Tom before the show with and Gordy. GO NOW! is currently on tour throughout the UK. If you’ll be near any of their upcoming venues……… do NOT miss thIs show!


October 2016

Recently we mentioned that Tom has been working on some VERY exciting things in his BLUE DOOR STUDIO.
We promise to keep everyone updated along the way……!

For now, we’d like to share a little teaser for one of Tom’s projects:

Drumroll please……The world renown countertenor WILLIAM PUREFOY will teaming up with Tom in the studio very soon to work on a truly amazing original collection of music.

Purefoy is seen internationally with concerts, recitals and operatic appearances in New Zealand, America, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, with his debut at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2008

Click the link below to learn more about this incredible artist.

TOOMEY ONE For website No phone email

September 2016

Tom heads back home today after a fantastic tour Stateside with legendary band The Zombies.

He’ll be gearing up with some special projects in his Blue Door Studio very soon.

AND…… if you’ll be in or around the Castle Cary (UK) area on Saturday 24th September, please come along to hear some amazing LIVE music from Tom and Milly at the historic George Hotel! We hope to see you then!


September 2016

A few postcards from Tom on his way with those fabulous Zombies to Tucson, Arizona






September 2016

Yet even more great postcards from the road . Nothing like a cuff fest …..! #TheBrotherhoodOfTheTravelingShirts



September 2016
More great Postcards from the road from Tom while he’s on tour with The Zombies…..

A back stage glance of the super talented Bruce Sudano opening the show before The Zombies at Ojai Libbeybowl, September 4th


Not far from Napa Valley. Just some of the famous people who have passed through this area…


More of that amazing wine country…..


The road warriors…..


A truly amazing view right outside Tom’s window in San Rafael



September 2016

Q- What do Quincy Jones and Tom have in common?

A- Throughout 2007 and beyond, both of these great artists (independent of each other) were asked to write some amazing original music for the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW !

We’ll share some of the background about this great accomplishment for Tom in the weeks to come, so please check back here on Tom’s website and his Official Page on Facebook for more info about this amazing project.


September 2016

Sharing a few fun photos of Tom and the fab Dale Hanson getting ready for tonight’s show at Libbey Bowl – Ojai, California



September 2016

Did you know that Tom has either worked with performing live, and/or recorded with-
Don McLean, Jon Anderson, Sir Cliff Richard, Leo Sayer, Paul Young, Gene Pitney, Marc Almond, Norda Mullen (and quite a few other) incredible artists?


August 2016

What a GREAT show last evening at the wonderful Vida Comida in Sherborne (UK) !! Tom, Milly and Ian Evans rocked the house!

And tonight, Tom and Milly will be back once again performing at The Cornish Arms in beautiful Cornwall . If you’ll be in the area, please stop by!

Check back here and also Tom’s Official page on Facebook for more fun photos from this fabulous music weekend !


August 2016

Sharing some fun photos from this past weekend when Tom met up with iconic band The Zombies for a performance on Sunday August 21 at the fabulous Vostertfeesten Festival in Bree Belgium. Click on each photo to enlarge it.

Tom backstage at the wonderful Vostertfeesten Festival


Tom and legendary band ‘The Troggs’


Another shot of Tom and those lovely Troggs !


Tom backstage with those incredible ZOMBIES…..Rod Argent, Jim Rodford and Colin Blunstone.

August 2016
In early September 2014, Tom was honoured with a very prestigious endorsement from the critically acclaimed guitar manufacturer PRS ( Paul Reed Smith).

Here’s a photo of him playing this incredible beauty while on tour Stateside with legendary band The Zombies at the Ramshead Tavern in Annapolis Maryland. This show ( August 2014) was the very first time that Tom played his gorgeous new guitar after having just received it earlier that same day from the team at PRS.

Click on the link below to see the full list of the other artists who have also been given this very special honour. Tom is certainly in great company!


August 2016

In 2012, Tom was interviewed by journalist Anthony Servante. Anthony had a great chat with Tom that day presenting some rather interesting and thought provoking questions. They also discussed Tom’s ‘Top Ten Song List’ AKA- The ten most influential songs in Tom’s career.

TOOMEY HEADSHOT one sheet bw master 1

August 2016

This past September, Dawn Woodward from Waterloo Music visited Tom at his Yeovil based ‘Blue Door Recording Studio’ to learn a bit more about the talented man behind those incredible guitars and his passion for music.…/25/interview-with-tom-toomey/


August 2016

Sharing a few sights along the way during Tom’s visit to beautiful Cornwall.


Make way for the sheep!


Tom enjoying the gorgeous coastal area in Padstow


August 2016

Tom recently joined forces with the fab
Wally Bingham and his band ‘The Bogtrotters’
playing a set with them on August 6, 2016 at a wonderful charity gig. This event was held at the Farmers Arms located in St. Merryn Cornwall UK and was in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice.

Tom’s friend Paul is shown standing to his left. Click on the photo for a larger view.


August 2016
Tom has been working away in his BLUE DOOR STUDIO on some VERY exciting new projects.
Please watch this space for updates !

TOM Blue Door PHOTO 2A