As many of you know, Tom’s recent solo show in Studio B on board The Mariner Of The Seas went down a storm. Thank you again to The Zombies Management and everyone involved in making that special gig happen.

One of the absolute highlights of Tom’s show was his performance and arrangement of ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’( written by composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov).

It was a bit jaw dropping watching Tom’s fingers move at approximately 150 BPM. In fact, he practiced over 6 months to accomplish this ( and continues to practice playing this song everyday).

Here’s what he had to say about his first public performance of this song which he debuted on the ship that night:

…..’So in Somerset where I live ( AKA ‘Zummerzet’, where the cider apples grow) a lot of CIDER is made and drunk. Somehow the bees find their way to this tempting brew on the farms and get slightly sozzled. So if there are a few notes going astray in this piece please don’t blame me, blame the cider! ‘

So without any further ado , we’d like to share this little video that captured Tom’s Bumblebee. Sit back and take it in.

Audio Credit: Bruce and Cat Frumerman
Movie Credit : Shelley Jacobs Rodner


Please enjoy this sound bite of ‘SOZAN’ from Tom’s new album TURQUOISE. Go to the ‘Order Tom’s CDs’ button here on his website to purchase your copy TODAY!

Thought we’d share this lovely video someone shot of The Zombies gig at the Stadstheater Zoetermeer on July 28, 2018.

What a great little slice of how incredible this world class band sounds…….especially LIVE.

No further comment is necessary about this performance, except……. please be sure to check things out around the 3:37 mark.

Tom’s incredible MonfiCat CD

The Monficats performing ‘Flaming Flamenco’ an original track composed and produced by Tom.

A truly long awaited album featuring Master Kora player Pabobo Jobarteh from The Gambia and Tom Toomey ( Lead guitarist with legendary band The Zombies )

A bit of Tom’s Punk Rock days…… Tom is shown playing guitar to the left of the drum kit

Tom’s solo show with special guest Norda Mullen (touring flautist with the Moody Blues) on board the NCL Pearl / Moody Blues Cruise February 2016

Tom dazzling the audience once again at his solo show on board the NCL Pearl / Moody Blues Cruise February 2016

Tom was honoured to be asked to play on legendary band ‘The Zombies’ most recent CD ‘Still Got That Hunger’.