Jingo Santana

Over the years, Jingo Santana have put together a show which pays tribute to Santana, both in their music and the spirit of their live performance. In so doing, Jingo have built up an excellent reputation in the Westcountry where they are based. Their set takes the audience back over the last three decades, from the album Supernatural through the ground breaking music of Moonflower and Caravanserai, to hits such as She's Not There , Black Magic woman and the energetic Soul Sacrifice made famous at Woodstock.

A list of tracks covered by the band can be veiwed by following this link. Jingo Track List.

To find out when Jingo Santana will be performing next see the giglist page:

In the meantime, here's just a glimpse...


This short clip was taken from the Music for Africa 2005 Concert DVD. For more infomation go to www.musicforafrica.org.uk


For enquiries or to book Jingo Santana please use the information on the contact page.


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