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Tom Toomey is the guitarist with The Zombies ( Argent / Blunstone ) and the Colin Blunstone Solo band. He also performs as a Solo Guitarist and occassionaly under the names of Toomey / Swarbrick, Monfi Cats and Santana tribute band Jingo Santana. Tom also teaches Guitar.

Current Projects


Tom and Milly host their our own show on air1072.com on September 2nd at 8pm. Expect some great guests and music as well as lots more.

Legendary Jazz Guitarist Martin Taylor to play "Music for Africa Show"

There are few British Jazz performers around that can truly claim to have top international status and to be the greatest in the world, Martin Taylor indisputably fits into both categories. We are very excited and honoured to have Martin support Music for Africa with a concert at The Cheese & Grain in Frome, Somerset on Sunday 27th September. Milly Riquelme (piano) and Terry Quincey (Saxophone) will also be appearing in the show.

Full details will appear on the venue website www.cheeseandgrain.com

The Zombies

I am privileged to have been playing guitar with Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Jim Rodford and Steve Rodford of The Zombies and since joining them in May 2010 have been touring JAPAN, GREECE, HOLLAND, USA ,UK, ISRAEL, SPAIN,CANADA, FRANCE, SCANDINAVIA AND YEOVIL.

Thanks for all the support from our fans and especially to those who sometimes travel many miles just to see us.

Colin Blunstone

I have known and worked with Colin Blunstone for over 18 years and sessioned on his last two solo albums GHOST OF YOU AND ME and ECHO BRIDGE. I am also working on his third Solo Album now. Most of the tracks are recorded and it will be released in February 2012. Colin totally blew me away years ago with his amazing vocals on 'she's not there' and his work with The Alan Parsons Project. I can remember playing the cassette in my MGB over and over again touring France in the 70's when I did not know him and so to play for him 20 years later on The Zombies tour and on 3 solo albums is a true honor. Touring with the solo band in February was a real blast.

Tom Toomey / La Cubana /The Monficats

I have managed to play a few solo gigs this year and really enjoyed them. Also I have been doing some Duo work with Milly and we regularly sell-out our Cuban nights in the Olive Tree at Bridport.The MONFICATS are always a pleasure to work with when we can.

Pa Bobo Jobarteh and The Monficats

The collaboration between Pabobo Jobarteh and Tom and The Monficats has been very rewarding. The Album 'Gambia' by Pabobo Jobarteh and Tom and The Monficats is now available from Amazon.co.uk (click here), and you can hear part of the opening track ' Open your eyes' on YouTube by clicking here. Mastered by Chapel Kensington, David Richardson of SRT (Sound recording technology) in Cambridge has done a fantastic job mastering this album.




Click here to go to Tom's myspace page and hear more of Tom's music.

As a session musician, Tom has worked with many well-known names both on tour and in the studio, including Sir Cliff Richard, Colin Blunstone, Leo Sayer, Jon Anderson and Don McLean to name a few.

'Everything you do is quality Tom'
Gordon Giltrap

'Wow, that was fantastic! How long have I known you Tom: How long have you been playing with me? Yet that was the first time I've ever heard you play in your own right. I said to the other guys, "listen to this guy - he's fantastic". They were amazed.'
Colin Blunstone, Honiton Motel,

'A truly versatile musician, Tom thrills audiences from a vast repertoire encompassing blues, rock and classics. It wasn't just that he captivated the room with his playing, it's also the mastery of his craft that commands attention'
Maxwell Steer, Nightlife, The Old Ship, Mere

'I have not heard a better guitarist in my life. He plays Santana and Jimi Hendrix and a wide range of music. He appeared at the Bear Hotel and was outstanding. This man has true genius. Tom if you can hear this please come back. I am trying to get you gigs.'

'Thanks once again for what I can only describe as a breathtaking display of axemanship at the Baker's Arms in Martock on Saturday. I've never seen anyone play an acoustic set with such skill, flair and panache.

As I mentioned, I have seen some of the greats, including a couple of incarnations of Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Queen and Aerosmith to name but a few and I can quite honestly say say that you surpass any of them - a true virtuoso.

I look forward to seeing you in Monfi Cat and Jingo Santana in the near future.'
Paul Corbett, Yeovil

CDs Available

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Tom Toomey and the Monfi Cats CDToomey, Swarbrick, Frost and Burton CD Iron on StoneShanti the Wandering Dog - Talking BookGambia


go to Tom's myspace page and hear more of Tom's musicPaul Reed Smith Guitars

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